AWAKN Optimized Coffee
AWAKN Optimized Coffee
AWAKN Optimized Coffee
AWAKN Optimized Coffee
AWAKN Optimized Coffee
AWAKN Optimized Coffee

AWAKN Optimized Coffee

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Coffee | 10g Collagen Protein | 7g MCT Oil

10 Individually Packed Servings in a box.

[Only $2.90 per cup with subscription]

Our organic & fairtrade coffee is optimized by infusing Grass-Fed Collagen Protein and Coconut MCTs.

This kicked up coffee infusion will jumpstart your body and mind with sustainable energy and restorative amino acids. 

0 grams of sugar and made with love and clean ingredients

        Tastes Amazing

        We've sourced a delicious organic fair trade instant coffee from Mexico, so our collagen coffee tastes like a perfectly balanced and smooth cup of coffee with a hint of creaminess and a slight crema on top when stirred. We don't add any flavorings or sweeteners, allowing the pure earthy coffee flavors and aromas to unfold. It's pretty legit!

        Simple to make

        Ain't nobody got time to throw a bunch of ingredients in a blender. With AWAKN, you just pour the packet into your favorite cup and add 8oz of hot water, stir and enjoy.

        lives in the wild

        • Rock it as a natural pre-workout energizer 
        • Use it to help those muscle and joints recover after a workout or long hike
        • Accompanies you on epic road trips
        • Fills you with energy, protein and healthy fats in the backcountry
        • TSA Friendly: Make it on the plane heading to your next adventure
        • Hungry? This is basically a coffee snack

        ageless AF Benefits

        AWAKN Coffee
        • Improve skin elasticity 
        • Build and maintain muscle
        • Supports joints and tendons, reduce joint pain
        • Supports gut health
        • Supports cognitive function
        • Sustainable energy from caffeine and ketone production


        Organic & Fair Trade Instant Coffee sourced from Mexico

        Non-GMO Coconut C8/C10 MCT Oil Powder [MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber, Tapioca Starch]

        Collagen Peptides from grass fed cows

        Learn more about our ingredients here