Our Story



We’re two friends who grew up together, going down traditional life career paths, eating the recommended Standard American Diet and living fairly unhealthy lifestyles, unbeknownst to us. 

While we both had different reality checks in our 20’s that set us on a more purposeful path of taking better care of our bodies through nutrition and fitness, our paths converged in our early 30’s when we started noticing many of the same signs and symptoms of aging. 

Our bodies and minds weren’t feeling as “in-tune” as they once did, even with our more purposeful approach to our bodies. We were noticing aging symptoms like cognitive decline, joint pain, muscle loss, wrinkles (guys don’t like wrinkles either 😊). 

Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that living with a declining body and mind was unacceptable. Instead of using the excuse of aging as the reason our bodies were declining, we chose to embrace aging, and dig into science and research to experiment with nutrition and lifestyle changes that support biological aging, allowing us to maintain high-quality lives as we age chronologically. 

Now we're in our early 40’s and living a new longevity lifestyle that's made our bodies and minds feel better than they ever have. We discovered that in addition to nutrition and lifestyle changes, we could also leverage supplements to make up for deficiencies, helping to optimize how our minds and bodies function and feel.

Unfortunately, there are lots of products out in the market that have claims against aging but aren’t always backed by solid scientific research.  So we decided to make our own products using the scientific research and ingredients that we uncovered over the past years that helped us feel better than ever.  Our clean ingredient products, when taken consistently, can make an impact on your healthspan. 

There is one caveat.  These products are not miracle cures and they are, supplemental, and only as effective as you are with improving your lifestyle.   

That’s why in developing these products we decided to go on an anti-aging crusade, educating people on how to improve healthspan through diet and lifestyle changes.  Not only that but we want our products to have strong scientifically backed research. So we've committed, through sales of our products, to fund research for age and metabolic related diseases with the grand vision of improving quality of life now and of future generations.

We believe we all deserve an optimized and full life to play with our kids, hike mountains, surf big waves, manage all day meetings like rock stars, travel to exotic destinations or whatever you dream of for your life.

We know that modern diets and lifestyles can often cause these aging symptoms, but we also know that we have the power and proven solutions to prevent them.

We’re a small company, just starting out, but we have a big vision that we intend on fulfilling as we grow our community of awesome supporters like you.

We sincerely hope that our products, community, and information help you as much as they’ve helped us.

In Health,

Jonathan & Brent