Nutrition Facts

AWAKN Optimized Coffee 

AWAKN Nutrition Facts


Medium Chain Triglycerides Powder [C8/C10 MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber, Tapioca Starch], Grass Fed Collagen Peptides, Organic Coffee

Ingredients FAQ:

Where is your collagen protein sourced from?

Our collagen protein is sourced from grass-fed cattle from a collective of ranches throughout the United States.

Where does your coffee come from?

Our coffee is sourced from Fair Trade organic coffee farmers in Mexico. It's a medium roast that is brewed and spray-dried. 

Why is there natural tapioca starch and acacia fiber in the MCT oil powder?

In order to make an oil powder, it must have a carrier, which means that the oil is bound to another molecule in order to dehydrate, so there is no 100% pure oil powder. 

With FDA labeling standards, you do not have to disclose ingredients within powder, so you should rightfully question any labels that list a stand-alone pure oil powder. You can cheaply bind oil to glucose or other less optimal molecules. We have chosen to disclose the ingredients in our powder.  

We’ve chosen to bind our non-GMO coconut MCT oil to natural pre-biotic fiber/starches because of their low insulinogenic response and prebiotic benefits.