AWAKN started as a project of two coffee-loving friends with a passion for healthy longevity. 

Our daily coffee routine was mixing collagen protein and coconut MCT oil into our coffee, our two favorite longevity boosting supplements. With our love of fitness, travel and outdoors we wanted to find a solution to have our daily coffee routine, no matter where we were or what we were doing.  

We decided to make our own great tasting, healthy coffee that we could take and make anywhere. And so AWAKN was born.

Along the way, AWAKN became more than just a supplement business for us. We viewed starting a company as an opportunity to drive awareness and give back to our other passion, which is health and wellness. 


Jonathan Timmermann

Jonathan has a life-long passion for all things health, wellness and fitness.  After fixing some personal health challenges during college he's been on a quest to find his optimal self as well as help and educate others to do the same.  

Jonathan is a Certified Master Health Coach, Certified personal fitness coach, and CrossFit coach. 

When he's not working on AWAKN, coaching or teaching about metabolic disease prevention, he loves to get outdoors camping and hiking or traveling with his wife.

Brent Daugherty

Brent Daugherty

Brent has a background in medical device innovation and has seen firsthand how devastating many of our modern metabolic-related diseases can be on individuals and families.  This firsthand experience has driven Brent to his devotion to educate people on metabolic disease prevention through lifestyle changes.

Brent is a certified yoga instructor and avid long distance runner.  He and Jonathan both share a love of the travel and the outdoors and when he has some free time you'll find him exploring local trails in California or planning his next adventure.

Brent Daugherty

Tiffany Timmermann
Advisor & Chief Everything Officer

When Tiffany is not working her full time job as an exec in the tech start-up world, she helps her lucky husband, Jonathan, with sampling events and pretty much gives advice and feedback on everything!

When she gets away from the office you'll find her CrossFitting, exploring the outdoors, or traveling to a new city.