Weekly Optimization 12/08/2019

 AWAKN Weekly Optimization 12/08/2019

Here are links to research, articles and recipes we found interesting last week.

Backcountry skiing

Travel & Adventure

Best Northern California Backcountry Huts: 5 Must-See Ski-in Cabins of the Sierra. 

Resorts are great, but to really amp up your winter adventure, venture to the best northern backcountry huts this season. Read more here.


Flu Fighting Diet. A recent study with mice showed that mice that were injected with influenza had a much higher survival rate on a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet than a High Carb DietScientists believe ketone bodies could potentially fuel the immune system to fight infection. Read more here.

Creatine for depression. A new study indicates that supplementing with creatine could help combat depression through the production of the energy molecule ATP in the brain. Read more here.


Zen of weightlifting. This a nice opinion piece on more philosophical reasons of why we lift weights. Read more here.

What is optimal physical health? Another nice opinion piece on how we define optimal physical health in our society, maybe it's time to take a new perspective. Read more here.

Mental Health

Meditate your way to fewer mistakes. New research shows that open monitoring meditation (passively noticing what is going on in your mind vs. focusing on a single object like breath) alters brain activity in a way that could help with increased error recognition. Read more here.

Inflammation linked to brain fog. A U.K. study uncovered a link between mental sluggishness and inflammation, high levels of chronic inflammation can lead to cognitive impairment. Read more here. Learn how to prevent inflammation here.


Walk for sleep. A new study found that walking more throughout the day can improve sleep quality. The average daily step count of study participants that saw sleep quality improvement was 7,000 steps per day. Read more here.

Recipe of the week

Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Buddha Bowls.

Here's a fun recipe from Paleo magazine that can be customized, a good one if you are entertaining guests over the holiday. Check it out here

Pro tip: Goes great with AWAKN Coffee :)


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