AWAKN Weekly Optimization 12/30/2019

AWAKN Weekly Optimization 12/30/2019

Here are links to research, articles, and recipes we found interesting last week.

Travel & Adventure

Vacation marathons? If you want to do a marathon in 2020 then here are some marathons with amazing travel destinations. Check it out here.


Benefits of intermittent fasting. This recent publication from the New England Journal of Medicine highlights some of the key benefits. 

Intermittent fasting can help metabolic syndrome. Read more here.


Should kids lift weights? Read more here.

The workout drug.  Read about it here.


High blood pressure. Mindfulness training could lower blood pressure. Read more here.


Learn more about sleep in 2020. This was our favorite book on sleep we read in 2019. 

Recipe of the week

Turkey Burger Salad with Blueberry Vinegarette

Get the recipe here


AWAKN Tribe member highlight

#AWAKNtribe Dr. Brittany Zis (@dr.brittany_pt), afternoon boos 🙌

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