AWAKN Weekly Optimization 12/23/2019

AWAKN Weekly Optimization 12/23/2019

Here are links to research, articles and recipes we found interesting last week.


Travel & Adventure

Want to visit Alaska? Get inspired by this awesome short film on Alaska. Check it out here.

Your 2020 travel inspiration. Find it here.

California National Parks are getting noisier. Read more here.


Overeating. This study suggests that overeating, not moving too little, is what is causing obesity. 

Dementia detection. This inflammatory marker could now be an early warning sign of dementia.

Is sunscreen the new margarine. In case you missed this story in 2019.


Walking more. This recent study in England shows that walking or cycling to work linked with fewer heart attacks.

Excess belly fat.  This research suggests that excess belly fat can negatively affect mental flexibility as we age.


Rethinking accomplishments. Most of our best accomplishments are invisible. Read more here.


Blackout curtains. This study shows that even low light from an urban glow can negatively impact melatonin production. 

Recipe of the week

Low carb bread

Low carb holiday bread. Get the recipe here

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#AWAKNtribe Kale Blossom (@kale.blossom), a boost for busy moms 🙌

Kale Blossom

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