AWAKN Weekly Optimization 01/20/2020

AWAKN Weekly Optimization 01/20/2020

Here are links to research, articles and recipes we found interesting last week.

New Zealand

Travel & Adventure

Need another reason to visit New Zealand this year? They just opened another amazing “Great Walk” trail. Check it out here.


Could this supplement help you burn more post-workout fat? This recent study found that inulin propionate ester could increase fat burning long after exercise. 


Moderate intensity but not high-intensity exercise shown to boost immune function Read more here.


Does it matter what we eat for our mental health? Read more here.


How much sleep do you really need? Read more here

Recipe of the week

Paleo Chili Fries

Who doesn’t like chili fries? Check out this paleo version...bison chili on sweet potato fries

Get the recipe here


AWAKN Tribe member highlight

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