AWAKN Weekly Optimization 01/13/2020

AWAKN Weekly Optimization 01/13/2020

Here are links to research, articles, and recipes we found interesting last week.

Travel & Adventure

Ready for 2020 travel? Here are New York Times 52 places to go in 2020. Check it out here.


Collagen protein could have cognitive benefits. This recent study found the collagen supplementation improved cognitive function. 


6 Essential Mindset for getting back into shape? Read more here.


Why we are hard-wired to worry, and what we can do to calm down. Read more here.


Can’t sleep? Try quiet wakefulness instead. Read more here

Recipe of the week

Keto Teriyaki Bowl

Get the recipe here


AWAKN Tribe member highlight

#AWAKNtribe Josh (@joshcatalyst), Morning Routine 🙌

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