AWAKN Tribe Member Camille Vega: Time Management Optimization

Our AWAKN Tribe member series is a monthly series where we get to interview one of our awesome tribe members and learn how they are optimizing their life for longevity.

This month we are interview Camille Vega, a Business Strategist and Corporate Development expert from in Atlanta.



What do you do for fun (hobbies, etc)?

I like going on long walks to the park with my dogs.  I also like to hike, CrossFit, go out dancing, enjoy lots of live music, and spending quality time with my friends. I like traveling quite a bit as well and have friends and family spread out around the world which gives me a good excuse to travel often.

How do you optimize your nutrition? Any go-to healthy meals or snacks? 

I’ve been meal prepping each Sunday consistently for about 7-8 years now. It’s become such a routine for me I feel a bit scattered the weeks I have to skip my meal prep. I plan all my meals for the week in advance and try to keep my macros balance daily. My go-to healthy meal is a simple, veggie-heavy stew in the instant pot.

I also try to keep a healthy snack bar on me at all times in case I get hungry while on the go. These come in particularly handy when I’m traveling for work and typically the snacks provided are a bag of chips or cookies the size of my face.

What’s your fitness routine like? 

I try to get to the CrossFit box at least 3-4 times a week, that’s the bulk of my fitness routine. I also go to OrangeTheory classes every so often, and yoga classes at my job.

What do you do to stay focused and manage stress? 

I use the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused at work while I’m not in meetings, and using this technique helps me manage my stress at work by not letting me feel overwhelmed as I’m only focusing on the one task at hand. Overall, I use my walks with my dogs as mini-meditation walks or listening to a good long podcast. Still trying to figure out how to live stress-free but inching closer to balance!

How many hours of sleep do you typically get? Any nighttime rituals that help you sleep?

I typically sleep between 6-7 hours and tend to feel a bit groggy if I sleep more than that. I like to do a lot of facial skincare masks before bed and those help me relax since I can’t keep moving my face or talking too much.

What’s one thing you’ve done recently to improve your quality of life? 

Actually - cut down on coffee since I’ve introduced AWAKN in my routine! I used to drink around 3-4 big mugs of coffee a day… so realistically around 6 cups of coffee a day which is pretty wild! AWAKN gives me the energy it typically took at least 2 mugs of coffee to get.

What one piece of health advice you’ve learned and want to share with others? 

Sugar is the devil. JK. But actually, no really, sugar is the devil. You only think you have that big of a sweet tooth because you’ve trained your pallet to be able to enjoy that much sugar at once. Once I started cutting sugar out of my diet, desserts honestly tasted TOO sweet so it made it a whole lot easier to continue to cut sugar out of the equation.  

What are your top 3 adventure or travel destinations? 

This list changes often in my head, but in no particular order: Cambodia, southern Spain, and  Turkey.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

My family celebrates Noche Buena on December 24th and always gets together to have typical Colombian food and stays up until midnight to have the kids in the family opens their presents.

Where or how do you drink your AWAKN? 

When I’m not traveling for work, I drink it at my office - hot. When I’m traveling I typically drink it cold and mix it in a shaker bottle - super convenient!


Find Camille on Instagram @_tinygrams